Saturday, March 18, 2017

Be More Dog #IMMOOCB3

At the beginning of the year, my principal showed us this video Be More Dog. Immediately, I felt this feeling of freedom. Why can't we all be more dog? Why can't we allow our students to be more dog? This video really opened my mind to the fact that our students come to us each day to learn, not just got to school. I wondered if our students came the first day feeling free to learn, or was it just another start to a school year.
As I reflect back on the previous years: what worked, what didn't work, what needed to change, and how did my role effect the students, I found that culture was something consistent over the years that I felt made a huge difference in how the year went. My students have looked forward to being in fifth grade, and I need to make sure this isn't just "school" for them. I need to give them a place where they aren't just looking for answers, but rather looking for problems to solve. I need to give them a place to explore, create, and interact with other students and adults. I need them to feel like they have a voice and people will listen. I need to allow for deep exploration. I need to empower my students.

George Couros said, "Imagine what school would look like if we really focused on empowering learners." I question myself often and what I offer to the students. Am I empowering learners in my classroom? Am I allowing my students to be more dog? Am I allowing my students to to run freely with their learning? Or, am I getting in the way?


  1. I love the urgency you have. When we turn those ideas from wants to needs, we change our mindset, and we can do more for students. Keep up the great work!

  2. I've felt this way for quite some time too. There are kids who say they "hate" school and adults who still have no good to say about their school experience, even years later. I'm glad to see we're waking up to this. Be in love with learning and nurture that in our students.


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